Writer Commissions

What's it all about?  

COPA90 is looking for original articles for our website, crafted by those with a passion for writing and storytelling. 

What stories are we looking for?

We want to showcase the very best of the beautiful game. This could be:

1. Amazing stories from your club. Be they about the kit man who’s worked there for over 50 years, an incredible fan movement, or an historical account of former glories.

2. Fascinating football stories from your neighbourhood. The beautiful pitch that locals play on every day of the year, or the fans that give back to their local community, using football as a tool to do so.

3. Heroes of the game. These could be anyone, from global icons or local Sunday league players, to inspiring referees, fans or coaches. 

4. Amazing stories from the Women's game. The above categories all apply, just ensure the story is female focused.

How does it work?


What you pitch is totally up to you, our only requirements are that your idea is:

  • Suitable for a COPA90 audience (aged 18-24, worldwide)
  • Achievable within the next 2 months
  • Self-sufficient – we will be able to give you advice if you need it and contacts if we have them, but no resource in terms of travel or setting interviews etc.


We’re here to help! If you’ve got any questions simply email (copacreators@copa90.com) and we’ll get back to you asap. Please also read our specific Creator Commissions Terms & Conditions here.

How to propose an idea

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Please concisely outline your idea. This should be no longer than two paragraphs which cover: what your article would be about, why you think you’re qualified to cover that topic, and how many words you expect it to be.
From the moment we agree to commission your article, how long will it take you to research, write and submit it back to us?
Please provide links to any relevant work you have done in the past. Note that it will be difficult for us to commission your idea if you cannot supply previous work of adequate quality.

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