The 50 players you need to know at France 19

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Welcome to our 50 players you need to know this summer countdown...

50 bespoke illustrations documenting 50 players you need to know ahead of this summer’s World Cup. 50 icons from 10 illustrators (5 women and 5 men) with varying styles and mediums.

We will showcase a new player / illustration each day until the big Kick Off on June 7th 2019.

Each illustration has subtle references to who these women are both on and off the pitch - celebrating the quirks of their characters and the compelling stories they have to tell. 

Your journey starts with the Wonderkids looking to announce themselves and their talent to the world this summer. 

You’ll then find our Trailblazers - players who head into this summer’s World Cup at the very top of their game, each one ready to seize a moment that will write their name in the history books.

And finally the 10 names that became Legends - 10 supremely talented, pioneering women who have made an outstanding contribution to the sport and helped pave the way for future generations...