Introducing: COPA90 Stories
Welcome to COPA90 Stories: the new home of football’s greatest tales. Join us as we take you on a journey across continents, history and societies via videos, audio features and written articles.

Football is an identity. Wherever you go, people use the game as an expression of who they are and where they’re from. You can trace history, understand cultures and unearth compelling stories much bigger than the sport itself. 

At COPA90, we believe in the power of storytelling; bringing to life what people care about most through the lens of the beautiful game. Our new channel, COPA90 Stories, will shine a light on how football shapes and moulds lives all over the globe.

So, what can you expect? Between now and the end of the year, we’ll be bringing you:

Creator Commissions: the lesser-heard stories from all four corners of the planet, brought to you by the COPAFam.

Timeless Documentaries: a detailed look at a broad range of topics, immersing you in new football environments. 

Derby Days: that’s right, it’s back. Examining the history, fan culture and passion that fuels some of football’s most intense rivalries.

On top of our award-winning videos, we’ll also be bringing these stories to life through written articles and brand new audio features. These will live exclusively on the COPA90 website and give you a chance to experience stories in other formats like never before.

If you want an insight into the game’s greatest stories, told in a way that only COPA90 can, then head over to our new COPA90 Stories channel and subscribe.