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FC Porto's Kit Launch Was Possibly The Craziest of All-Time & David Vujanic Loved It

Last week we went and checked out the FC Porto Kit Launch. We have been to a number of events and launches in the past with Copa90, but none have been quite like this one. Between the experimental dancing, men dressed as chocolate, and thousands camping outside of the event 4 hours before it was set to begin, this was something truly special. We sat down with Vuj to get his take on this wild launch ceremony, the new kit, and what he thinks about the aesthetics that New Balance are bringing to the beautiful game.What was the wildest part about the launch?There were so many wild bits its hard to put it down to one. Models starting football chants, men doing robot dances as chocolate, while the players came out in front of their fans. It was like Mayweather entrance. It was pure entertainment.How did the people react having their kit launch in the center of the city?People were so positive, with a massive variety of ages and sexes. There were almost more women than men so it was nice to see that dynamic. There were also a wide range of ages from older people to children. It was a family event. The kit itself was scheduled from 9-11 and people were already waiting around for it to start at 6. It’s a great sign of support for your club.What do you think of that brown kit?Personally, I am a man that enjoys a bit of maverick behavior. I think new balance and the club were really clever to go with that contrast. I think it genuinely looks really good, and I wasn’t paid to say that!You were at the Liverpool kit launch earlier this year, what do you like about what New Balance is doing for design in football?They have taken over Warrior, and its their first year in football. They are going for a simple yet effective approach. They are going for a sleek look, which you didn’t really have with warrior. I am skinny 6’4 and it’s a good fit as well, so big up to new balance. I am really impressed, and even more so that it’s their first year in football. I can’t wait to buy that Liverpool away kit.Anything you want to add?This was something else, I could have easily spent more days in Porto, the place and the people are amazing!

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