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El Clasico Regio: Derby Days Monterrey

At COPA90 we travel across the world to experience the most intense and passionate derbies that football provides. Our adventure has taken us from El Clasico in Spain, to the famed Belgrade’s Eternal Derby, and across countless other cities and countries.Nine months ago, a colleague of ours suggested that we visit Monterrey for the Clasico Regio between Monterrey and Tigres, extolling the virtues of the clash.  But nothing he said, could prepare us for the scenes and the atmosphere that we experienced on Saturday 5th March. In modern football a lot of ‘so called experts’ say that atmospheres are a thing of the past, especially in new stadiums which lack the romanticism, character and passion of olden, traditional grounds which once they called home.But the scenes in Monterrey’s new BBVA Bancomer put this myth to bed. The non-stop singing from La Adiccion was put simply, spectacular. As football fans we begin every game with a challenge to affect the outcome with our support- to be the proverbial 12th man. This is a task that is rarely achieved, but when it happens it lives on in folklore of the supporters group. The last 10 minutes of the Clasico was such an occasion. Led by La Adiccion, the noise level kept on rising, as the whole stadium rose to its feet, as a 10 man Rayados hung to a narrow lead. An invisible wall of noise protected their goal with a fanaticism that we at Copa90 have rarely seen. Who knows what the result could have been had the Tigres fan been able to form their own packed supporters area and produce their own wall of sound to match their Rayados counterparts. Even know, looking back, it'ss a memory that we know will live long in our minds. At least until we hopefully come back to experience the legendary atmosphere at Estadio Universitario and the Libros y Lokos at Tigres.

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