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A Three-Continent Sick Kit Friday

These are the sickest kits that dropped this week.


Japan’s World Cup kits were already great, but this special edition release is just that much better. It’s a number ten kit of the regular release, with one interesting detail: the 10 itself is made up of images of Captain Tsubasa, a famous Japanese manga series. It’s a really unique way to tie Japanese culture in to Japanese sport, beyond just the “flag” template of many kit releases.

It will likely only be available in Japan, but frankly it’s worth the trip there to buy.


Australia are gifted with a beautiful color combination to start with in green and cold, but their World Cup 2018 home kits combine those colors with a meaningful moment to create something great.The inspiration for the graphic comes a decisive moment in the Socceroo’s history from 18 years ago: the World Cup qualifier against Uruguay in November of that year. They went into the second leg, the home leg, down 1-0; they needed a win. As a rallying cry for the fans, Australia’s captain asked that everyone create a “sea of gold” inside and outside the stadium that day — and they did, and Australia pulled out a 1-0 win to push the tie to penalties, which they triumphantly won 4-2. That “sea of gold” is what can be seen on the sleeves of this shirt.

After all, World Cup 2018 is another one they had to push a playoff tie into extra time in order to get to.


Like wins, sick kits are something else we can expect consistently from New Jersey's Asbury Park FC."For people who hate diving but love dive bars," the club describes the kit. And with its black, bespoke design, are you telling us you wouldn't wear this on a night out?

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