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Leagues Won and Leagues Lost | Case of the Mondays

Lots of leagues crowned their champions this weekend, but other clubs didn't have as good a go. This is who's having the worst #CaseOfTheMondays this morning.


The high from Manchester United’s massive Manchester Derby victory, stopping their bitter rivals from winning the title in their house, didn’t last very long.Manchester City bounced back and handily put Tottenham away 3-1 on Saturday, which meant that it was all up to United to prolong the inevitable for another week by beating last-place West Brom the following morning. But they didn’t. The team that surged to a win from 2-0 against the now-Premier League Champions couldn’t find a way past the team with (then) 21 points and a -26 goal differential thanks to a whopping 52 goals allowed. And so a 73rd minute winner from West Brom handed them their fourth win of the season — out of 34 games — against the second best team in the Premier League."You're welcome, Man City," the soon-to-be-relegated team tweeted.Sure, City couldn’t win the title at Old Trafford. But winning the title thanks to your rival’s most embarrassing result of the season has got to be a pretty decent second choice.


Ajax may not feud with PSV as much as they do with Feyenoord, but handing the title to any sort of rival by losing to them is plenty painful. And that’s what happened when Ajax fell 3-0 to PSV at the weekend, extending PSV’s lead at the top to an insurmountable 10 points. Two red cards in the last ten minutes sealed Ajax’s fate, with little likelihood of a 9-man team scoring three goals before full time (especially if the full team hadn’t been able to pull any back in the previous 80).The trophy is PSV’s league 24th. Ajax has won 33 Eredivisie titles, but haven’t done so since the 2013-14 season. With Feyenoord struggling down in fourth, this was the year for Ajax to really make a run at their 34th, but it just wasn’t in the cards.


Last year’s Ligue 1 winners were a shell of themselves this weekend in their 7-1 loss to PSG which, like Ajax’s loss to PSV, sealed PSG’s title win.Monaco were already down by 4 when Rony Lopez scored their only goal in the 38th minute, giving them the tiniest bit of hope before halftime. But three more goals in the second half — including an own goal from Falcao — sealed it easily for PSG. PSG’s win was no surprise, least because they’ve won five of the past six seasons and most because they’ve had a hearty lead (then 14 points) at the top of the table. But a six goal margin is a little higher than you’d expect between the first- and second-best teams in a top European league.


It didn’t have the excitement of their last 4-4 encounter, where Schalke came back from 4-0 down at halftime to draw BVB 4-4, but it still didn’t go Dortmund’s way.They scored no goals this time as Schalke shut them out 2-0 at home, with goals coming from Konoplyanka and Naldo. Batshuayi's ankle injury, which turned out to be season-ending, is also a huge blow to the team as they look for automatic qualification to the Champions League in third place, and as they look to protect their fourth place standing from Leipzig. Will Pulisic stay this summer if Dortmund make Champions League, or is he gone either way? There will be lots of questions to be asked about Dortmund’s season this summer.

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