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A World-Cup Ready #SickKitFriday

These are the sickest kits that dropped this week.


Everyone’s second-favorite team, Iceland, just released everyone’s first-favorite kit for the World Cup. Or, at the very least, everyone’s first-favorite kit release video:The red (the fire that burns for Iceland), white and blue (the ice that, well, you understand why it represents ice) are used in a unique dotted, gradient pattern along the sleeves, which spruce up an otherwise plain kit. It’s just the right amount of accent.

And, in case you wanted to see how this kit stacks up against Iceland kits of the past, the team that brought you the above kit release video have also brought you the following kit evolution video:If their football team is half as good as their video team, they’re going to be taking this World Cup by storm.


France is another team putting the red, white and blue in action in a fantastic way for the World Cup.And, like Iceland’s, the design — at least for the primary kit — is primarily in the sleeves, as if bright blue paint was dropped down the arms of the navy kit. Of course, there is also a button on the collar, because it’s France and French people really know how to dress.The away kit is a completely different, yet still beautiful, design: completely white with little slits of red and blue all over.

Even the warm-up kit is nice, looking like something you could just as easily find in a Parisian boutique as in a football shop.


Of course, Minneapolis City aren’t headed to the World Cup; they’re no Chicago Fire. But a kit this nice, with this nice a slogan, just can’t be passed up:The kits with the “murder sleeves” — which just feature silhouettes of birds — are the club’s goalkeeper kits for 2018. It’s just unfortunate that more of the team won’t get the chance to wear them.

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