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Stars, not stripes | #SickKitFriday

These are the sickest kits that dropped this week.


Van Gogh’s starry night has nothing on Mexican second division side Leones Negros de la Universidad de Guadalajara’s 2018 third kit.

The galaxy is black with mostly white constellations, albeit a splash of red here and there, with a graphic print of the club’s lion on the stomach — think Mufasa appearing in the clouds in the Lion King.The sponsor is pushed from the chest to the bottom, too, so for a second it looks like the kit doesn’t even have one. If only.


With Liga MX side Monterrey’s new third kit, ‘silver fox’ doesn’t just refer to premature grey hair anymore.

Grey with blue-black applications, it’s simple, which lets the blue of the logo pop out quite a bit. And isn’t simple what we need right now in this crazy, mixed-up world?


“But —” you cry “—it’s far too cold for short sleeves right now. The East Coast was just hit with a Bomb Cyclone and you want me to expose my arms to the elements?”You’re absolutely right. Pros are putting on their gloves for matches, we can put on our jackets. And this month’s Tens Club release is perfect for bundling up (gloves sold separately).

From Lucas Shanks, Tens Club founder: “Footballers used to smoke. Not just casually like Rooney or Szczesny but like, really smoke. So we dug up a bunch of Marlboro Adventure Team gear (yes, they used to make outdoor apparel) and re-worked it with graphics inspired by an old cigarette endorsement featuring Alfredo Di Stefano, as well as anti-smoking graphics inspired by Johan Cruyff's "Smoking Kills" ad that ran in Spain and West Brom's famous anti-smoking kits.”

There are windbreakers, windpants, hoodies, and more...but only if you subscribe.

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