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New Year, New Kits: MLS Edition | #SickKitFriday

We may have to wait two and a half more months for the new season, but luckily we don’t have to wait any longer for the 2018 Major League Soccer kits to start dropping.


Finally, what fans have been waiting so long for is here — No, not an MLS Cup, but an all-red kit.

Although Luis Robles has been known to pull on an all-red goalkeeper kit now and then, Red Bulls fans have been clamoring for an all-red field kit — they are the Red Bulls, after all — for quite a while now. And the club has delivered in full. It is, indeed, all red, with a nice v-neck collar and very subtle stripes on the body that are meant "as nods to the buildings and bridges of the city." They could've added the Adidas stripes in black instead of white to play on the historic Metrostars color a little more, as they insinuated they might in the teaser video, but overall it is a successful venture that will make Red Bulls fans almost happy enough to forget they've just traded away their captain yet again.


The Columbus Crew’s new secondary kit for the new — their last? — season: black (and some gold) for the black and gold.

Besides the clean, bumble-bee's-tuxedo look, what will appeal to Crew fans most are the two details paying homage to their MLS original status: the "heritage shield" above the nameplate and the "charter member tag," which says "001," both signifying their founding as the first MLS club ever.Playing up the past when the future is in question is an interesting tactic, but at least it looks great.


While not even close to as sick as those that dropped from their fellow Eastern Conferencers, the Revs’ 2018 primary kit ain’t too shabby either.

It’s recognizable but sheek, a nice upgrade on a standard kit. The base is a muted, lighter-than-usual blue, and the usual red-and-white stripes that complete the American flag-esque New England color scheme have moved off-center and into two different shades of blue. Even UHC’s symbol has been dropped to leave just the words of their logo, a small but nice improvement that stops the sponsorship from dominating the kit. All in all, there’s just a whole lot less going on.

That's all that's dropped for now — but which remaining club's new kit are you looking forward to most?

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