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Putting the L in Liverpool | Case of the Mondays

Who's having the worst #CaseOfTheMondays this morning?


The high from Liverpool’s 4-0 dismantling of Arsenal last weekend didn’t last long as they might’ve liked; Manchester City turned around and returned the favor, with change, when they smashed them 5-0 this weekend.The game could’ve gone differently; Liverpool started on the attacking foot and had a couple of chances to start the game. They were unlucky to go 1-0 down in the 24th minute, and the game looked far from over — until Gini Wijnaldum received the red-card-heard-round-the-world for kicking City goalkeeper Ederson in the head.

It was a combination of being down a man and what seemed like a mental block going up, because Liverpool looked completely dejected for the rest of the match. What could’ve only been a 3-0 loss, even with the red, was much worse. And now it’ll be hanging over their heads going into their return to the Champions League this week, not to mention that it set their goal difference back to 0. That's the kind of thing that comes back to haunt you at the end of the season when you're fighting for top spots.But perhaps the person feeling the loss worst of all is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who was on the wrong end of both Liverpool’s 4-0 and 0-5. Better luck next week, Ox.


Crystal Palace’s absolutely abysmal start to the season was extended this weekend when they took their fourth loss in four, this time from Burnley. Oh yeah, and they haven’t scored a goal yet. It’s no surprise, then, that Frank de Boer was sacked this morning. He became the first manager in the history of the Premier League to go goalless throughout his tenure, and now holds the record for shortest Premier League tenue (in terms of games, not days). It’s rumored that Roy Hodgson will replace him, but Palace’s problems definitely go much deeper than just the one man who’s yelling from the touchline; it’s a bandaid solution that will, at best, narrowly save them from relegation for a second year in a row.But perhaps the craziest thing in all of this is that they aren’t even in last place. Here’s to you and your slightly-worse goal difference, West Ham.


Another day, another disappointment this weekend for Real Madrid; the La Liga champions drew Levante after coming back from 1-0 and wasting many late chances, their second draw this season (and in a row).Not much can be read into the first three games of the season – unless, it seems, you’re Crystal Palace — but it’s certainly a surprising turn of events based on how the two teams performed last season and how their respective offseasons unfolded. There’s no question they’ll turn it around soon, likely even this week during the Champions League group stage — especially with Cristiano Ronaldo’s impending return to the squad.


The Bundesliga giants have also had a relatively rough start to the season, finding themselves in 6th after taking their first loss from second-placed Hoffenheim.The top of the table is still very tight, unsurprising after only three games, so they’re only one point out of first. And they found themselves wrestling their way into first place at the beginning of last year, too — and we all know how that turned out.

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