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Auf Wiedersehen, Germany | Case Of The Mondays

Here are the four teams with the worst Case of the Mondays this morning.


Despite fierce-looking French and English national teams poised to put up a fight, eight-time champions Germany — which, if that number wasn’t impressive in and of itself, means that Germany alone has won close to three quarters of each tournament — were favorites to win headed into the 2017 Women’s Euros. Instead, they’re headed home after only the quarterfinals.Denmark, who made the semifinal of the 2013 Women’s Euros but have not qualified for the last two Women’s World Cups or the last five Olympics, rallied from going 1-0 down in just the third minute to overcome the tournament giants. Germany’s streak of 6 straight tournament wins — which dates back over two decades — is broken, and they’ll have to keep waiting for their unbelievable 9th championship. And as Suzanne Wrack points out, with the continued investment in women’s football across the globe, waltzing to that next title might never again be as easy for them as it has been in the past.


D.C. United are just plain bad.Their 4-0 loss to Minnesota United — who themselves aren’t looking great as they sit 10th in the West, which makes the scoreline that much more embarrassing for D.C. — this weekend marks their 7th straight loss in all competitions. It also brought their goal difference down to an atrocious -24, which comes from 42 goals allowed — surprisingly not the most in the league, however — and just 18 goals scored. Just 18 goals in 22 matches! It’s no wonder they have the fewest wins in the league, at just five.The “Olsen Out” brigade have certainly got plenty of fuel for their fire. The playoffs might still be a couple of months away, but this doesn’t look like this is a hole D.C. will be able to climb out of before then.


It may have just been a friendly in a preseason tournament — although with the near first-team lineup and the intensity of the match, it didn’t quite feel like just a friendly — and they may have been missing Cristiano Ronaldo, but it never feels good to lose to your rivals. Nor does it feel good to concede your first goal, a Messi goal of course, after only three minutes.Although it was tied 2-2 going into halftime, Pique scored the deciding goal just five minutes into the second half. Barcelona fiercely defended their lead as if real points were on the line.It’s less than a month before these two teams meet again, this time in the Spanish Super Cup, when Real Madrid can have their revenge in a game that really matters. And with Barcelona on the brink of losing Neymar to PSG, they probably needed this El Clasico victory and International Champions Cup trophy way more than Madrid did — just as a consolation prize.


NYCFC drawing Toronto 2-2 less than two weeks ago feels like years ago now, as Toronto beat them down 4-0 on Sunday. Giovinco scored a brace — including a trademark free kick beauty — while Altidore and Edwards added the final pair of goals, skyrocketing them to a result that solidifies their position at the top of the East as well as the Supporters' Shield standings.And while Toronto’s front line was firing away, not even David Villa — who’s second in the league in goals this season — could put anything in the back of Toronto’s net. It was the first time they’d been shut out since opening weekend. Plus, there was this embarrassing moment:It’s not the momentum they’ll want heading into their rivalry match against the New York Red Bulls this coming Sunday. ...But at least it wasn’t 5-0?

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