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The Juve Kit We've All Been Waiting For | Sick Kit Friday

From Turin to the beach, these are the sickest kits that dropped this week.


Juventus’ new release for the 2017/18 season means the first on-kit appearance for their controversial rebranded logo. Whether or not fans agreed it looks good on paper, it unquestionably looks great here.

A kit that “stands for the past, present, and future,” according to the club, Adidas have slapped the modern crest on the most retro top they could conceive. The kit will feature a button-up collar for the first time since the 1940s, and returned are the normally, equally sized black and white stripes of old. Such a great-looking kit can maybe ease some of the pain of last weekend. Maybe.


There’s petty, and there’s “releasing a special-edition kit commemorating your biggest victory over your opponent” petty. For Denmark’s friendly against Germany earlier this week, they released a special edition kit that celebrated their Euro 1992 final victory against, of course, Germany. Since Hummel was with them back then too, it is an easy modern update of the classic kit.

Even the numbers on the back are special, comprised of the names of that winning 1992 team.

This friendly may have ended 1-1, but Denmark certainly one in the kit department.


The saying goes “fly like an eagle,” but Benfica decided they wanted to dress like one – Victoria the eagle, specifically. Their kit for next season is modeled after Victoria, their mascot (who sits on their crest), in that it is a mix of light and dark grey — the former making up the body and the latter the sleeves. It is clean like an all-black kit, but just a bit more unique.

10s CLUB

International break? More like summer break. Inspired by footballers on the beach, 10s Club has released their summer piece: a "Beach Kit" for L.A. Glitter Professional Soccer from "Hooper's Revolution," an NASL-inspired novel by Dennie Wendt. It's a bright blue top with with a rainbow foil LA Glitter graphic.You can get it here.

What new kit is your favorite? What are you wearing this weekend?And don't forget to check out FootyHeadlines for all the new kits as they drop.

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