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Party (And Dress) Like It's 1992 | Sick Kit Friday

From England to France to the USA — and from the '90s into today — these are the sickest kits that dropped this week.


Throwbacks seem to be a theme when it comes to next year’s Premier League jerseys — which is more than welcome, based on how they’ve been turning out so far with Liverpool and now with Manchester United. United’s away kit for the 2017-2018 season is based on the one they wore for the 1990-91 and 1991-92 seasons. But instead of a blue-and-white combination, the kit is patterned in black with white accents and is matched by the United crest which has also been turned from red to black-and-white.

Manchester United fans won't have to wait til late August to see this beauty on the field, as the club will be debuting it on their preseason tour this July.


Looks like Schalke is on the retro hype train, too! And this one draws inspiration from a similar era as Manchester United as well.Their new away kit is modeled off the home kit they wore in 1992-93 and 1993-94, with a toned down version of the old black-and-blue graphic. In next year’s, the Schalke blue will be used for the collar, sleeves, and Adidas stripes while the graphic will be a muted white and gray.


“Retro Night” might be an annual event, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t sick every single year. This year, SKC is pulling out a sweet pre-match jersey inspired by the famous Kansas City Wizards rainbow top — including Wizards logo and all.

Because it’s a special edition shirt, it will only be available in-stadium the night of the game next Wednesday. So get your ticket now!


This kit doesn’t evoke a specific kit from the past — in fact, it doesn’t evoke anything specific at all. The new Tens Club “Journeyman” kit is inspired by the footballer who’s always on the move, from club to club or kit to kit or brand to brand or sponsor to sponsor, always ready for something new....but always, always in the number 10. If that isn’t sick enough for you, the black-on-black style makes it even more sleek.

Want to cop one? We know you do. You can find them here.


While not a kit, the new Spring 2017 collection from MDFLD is just too sick to not include. It's the Zen collection, whose inspiration draws from Zen philosophies as well as more subtle other aspects of Japanese culture and style.

Why "zen"? Zen is all about awakening, seeing into one's true nature, and — as Japanese Sōtō Zen Buddhist teacher and founder of the Association Zen Internationale Taisen Deshimaru says — "embracing contradictions, making a synthesis of them, and achieving balance." What better qualities could there be to have on the field?Find the collection here.

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