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The Sickest Kits That Dropped This Week || 2/24/17

Another Friday means another #SickKitFriday! This week we've got more MLS and a sneaky release ahead of World Cup Qualifying. Let's check them out!


The new Seattle Sounds Heritage Kit is a jersey that, as Jordan Morris puts it, “represents where it all started.” The defending MLS champs are “homaging their 40-plus year history.” Whereas Seattle sports teams are known best for their neon green outfits, this new away kit throws it back to the color combination used in the 1980s. The specific shade of cyan blue used it identical to the one used on the club’s 1984 shirts, and the type of collar used is very similar as well.


It’s important to make a good entrance, and Minnesota United’s new home kit will make sure they do so when they make their MLS debut this season. Their predominantly light grey shirt is pierced by a baby blue seat belt stripe as well as the typical Adidas stripes down the sides. The white Target logo almost seems more like a purposeful design on the kit rather than a sponsorship, too.Of course, it’s hard to make anything marked with such an amazing crest look bad.


If you can qualify for the World Cup based on kit quality alone, then Albania are already through! When the country returns to qualifying next month, they’ll be sporting a brand new triad of kits for all of their footballing occasions (home, left; away, center; third, right). The country’s colors, black and red, are on display in different forms throughout, as is a sweet faded diamond design that rises from the bottom of each kit.The first that will be used is their away jersey against Italy at the end of March.


It is a rare yet welcome phenomenon when a sponsor helps to make, not break, a kit. That’s the case with the Columbus Crew’s new partnership with Acura, which came with a brand new kit drop that snuck right in under the Sick Kit wire for the week.The home jersey is the traditional gold and black, but that’s definitely the only “traditional” thing about it. The Adidas stripes under the arms are twisted into the black-and-yellow checkerboard design that has come to be synonymous with their supporters’ culture. Lyrics to a supporters’ chant, “Glory to Columbus,” are etched into the inside collar. In the bottom corner, “Charter Member #10” is tagged, remembering when Columbus was chosen to be Major League Soccer’s first team. And finally, the Ohio flag rests right below the back collar.

Which new kit is your favorite? Which MLS release has been the best so far ahead of the upcoming season? Let us know, have a great weekend, and thanks as always to FootyHeadlines.

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