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Down, and Out? | Case Of The Mondays

Here's who's having the worst Case of the Mondays today.


Nobody can beat Manchester City. Tottenham is no exception. This weekend, City comfortably beat Tottenham 4-1. From the stats, it might not seem that way; City only managed slightly more possession, 53% to 47%, despite usually averaging over 65%, and they did well to prevent easy access to Fernandinho.But no amount of possession, and no amount of reckless tackles, could help Tottenham come out on top. City are just too good.The result, coupled with those of the teams surrounding them, also dropped Tottenham a point behind 6th-placed Burnley and two behind 5th-placed Arsenal into 7th. Ten points separate them from 2nd place, where Manchester United sit, and we’re not even going to tell you how far they are from Manchester City because the league’s over, they won it, and only the positions below 1st place are up for grabs. Are Tottenham consistent enough to make the Top 4 again this year, or is there just too much other talent around the league?


AC Milan have not come close to turning this year’s bad fortunes around. This weekend they lost 3-0 to a relegation-threatened Verona, an exact switch of their 3-0 home win against the same team just four days earlier. It’s not the inconsistency they’ll want heading into a league clash with Atalanta, who are ahead of them in 7th on goal difference, and then into their Coppa Italia quarterfinal clash with first-place Inter over Christmas. At least Inter also lost this weekend, eh Milan fans?


For an 80s-themed party this weekend, Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann made quite the interesting — read: wrong, racist, how-did-someone-not-stop-him — choice: going as a Harlem Globetrotter, in full blackface, a decision he was very comfortable with as evidenced by his social media posting.The post was deleted, albeit not quite fast enough and after he first tried to get critics to ‘calm down’ with a defense of his ‘tribute’ to the Globetrotters, and the Internet will always have the receipts.Yes, Spain and France might view this kind of thing differently, and yes Griezmann is “friends with Pogba” — but at the end of the day, the only acceptable time to wear blackface is never, and Griezmann is learning that the hard way.


Over in the Eredivisie, this weekend saw the Rotterdam Derby between Sparta and reigning champions Feyenoord. It did not go well for Sparta.It was 1-0 to Feyenoord after only 4 minutes. 2-0 after 8. 3-0 after 15. 4-0 by half, and 7-0 by the end. A result hurts like that anytime, but especially in a derby.Sure, Sparta are in 17th place, but it’s not as if relegation teams in any league are regularly getting battered by that much — nor is Feyenoord doing particularly well this season, sat in 5th and 14 points out of first. Just an embarrassing result all around.

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