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#SickKitFriday, World Cup 2018 edition

These are the sickest World Cup-bound international kits that dropped this week.


Adidas made sure that every single player on the field for Colombia would be decked out in retro greatness with their 2018 regular and goalkeeper kits.

Both were modeled after those worn in 1990, the field players’ kit coming from the World Cup that year and the keeper’s drawing inspiration from the color of — but thankfully, for our eyes’ sake, not the design of — René Higuita’s infamous top.


Adidas also knocked it out of the park — er, pitch — with Japan's new kit. The unique design, dotted stripes down the front, is not drawn from any past kit but rather traditional samurai armor. And although it isn't one we've seen before, we don't think it's too early to say we hope to see it drawn from for another round of 'retro kits' in the future...


Belgium’s new kit brings us back to 1984, the iconic argyle and front-and-center crest placement. This year, the updated design means that instead of being isolated the chest graphic blends into the red of the surrounding kit. Will a return to the accompanying short shorts be made, too?


Like Colombia, Germany threw back to their 1990 kit. Unlike Colombia, they changed up the color scheme; going for minimalism, replacing the color-blocked German flag colors in the chest design with thin black and grey lines.


Although Adidas stole the spotlight with both high quality and quantity of releases, Puma also dropped a few quite decent ones following their Italy release last month.Ghana’s and the Ivory Coast’s are both bright and bold in the countries’ respective colors, featuring the country’s flag lining the collar, and a unique, subtle design on the chest.

Who’s ready for the World Cup?!

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