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MPLS' Choose-Your-Own Sick Kit Adventure | #SickKitFriday

These are the sickest kits that dropped this week.


Minneapolis City alone has given us enough sick kits to staff this whole Friday on their own. And what’s more, they’ve given us a choose-your-own Sick Kit Friday adventure. Their 2018 home and away kits are still to be decided — and to be decided by their members! They and Stimulus Athletic will be producing two completely custom kits, voted on by fans, for the next NPSL season. These are the three home options (note the sponsorship logo change in #3):

And these are the three away options:

Which would you vote for, if you could make the choice? Would you even be able to make a choice?


Crepe City, a lifestyle, footwear and fashion festival, teamed up with Umbro to re-imagine England’s classic ‘90s kit. It comes in both black and blue — not England blue, but teal — and features a great graphic, Umbro- and Crepe City-branded detailing on the sleeves, and of course a classic ‘90s collar. As Crepe City describes it: “Shared passions of an iconic staple of the British Subculture, identified on and off the pitch, and a staple in the Streetwear and Sneaker community has delivered a real statement and twist to one of the most iconic Jerseys from years gone by.”

Or, if videos are more your thing, you can check out the release video too:


The international break may be over, but our appreciation of international kit releases is not.The second-to-last team to skirt their way into next summer’s World Cup have released their home and goalkeeper kits for 2018. The penalty call that sent them through may have been questionable, but the sickness of these kit is not

From afar it might just look red, but when you get close you can catch glimpse of a quite random-looking subtle graphic — which is actually meant to represent the country’s mountainous landscape. The goalkeeper kit features a different graphic, more geometric but equally as unique. Just look at how happy their keeper is to be wearing it!

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