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Sergio Ramos - It's in all of us to Taste Greatness

Some are born into royalty; others journey to earn the respect of their kingdom. Sergio Ramos’ road to the top wasn’t an easy one, but the path he trod moulded him into the leader you see today. It was a path littered with stories – stories which live on through the artwork that adorns his body, each tattoo speaking to a different part of his journey. 

That journey started in Seville, Andalusia. Famed as the home of bullfighting, Ramos initially harboured ambitions to become a skilled matador before stumbling into the beautiful game by way of his brother’s encouragement. That theatrical showmanship and bullish attitude stayed with the defender, however, as he forged a name for himself by putting his body on the line.

It wasn’t long before Ramos graduated from his regional amateur side to enter Sevilla’s prestigious academy. It is here where he honed his craft, evolving from slight, long-haired teen into a leader of men. By the age of just 19, Ramos had football’s greatest behemoth knocking on his door: Real Madrid.

The story from this point on is a well-documented one. Last-minute winners, game-saving tackles and leading by example have all become synonymous with Ramos’ game. He embodies a never-say-die attitude every time he steps on the pitch and reminds us all that hard work and a winning mentality can conquer all. 

Leader. Legend. King. ​​​​​​​