The 7 Best Football x Fashion Collaborations

Football is global. Labelled by many as the world's game, its impact can be seen across all four corners of the earth. But despite this already far-reaching appeal, the game continues to expand into the vast amount of space surrounding it. As time goes on, football grows bigger and bigger, infiltrating more industries and more lives.

An interesting aspect of this is the cultural scene, where creativity and community flourish; football has become amalgamated with various subcultures such as music and art. The game’s ability to transcend sport and influence society showcases its true power – something which continues to grow in strength.

It’s important to recognise the significance of football’s broader infiltration. The game is now the cornerstone of culture. It influences music lyrics and videos; skateboarding, where more and more skaters are rocking retro shirts while kickflipping; and even finds itself on runways from Paris to Milan, as the fashion world embraces football’s cultural ascendancy. 

The latter stands alone as the most significant. Why? Because its scope is so great. Over the past few years we’ve seen huge fashion labels partner with football creatives, clubs and brands to provide us with genuinely fashionable items, as opposed to the standard club shop spiel.

At COPA90, we simply can’t get enough of it. The more football x fashion collabs, the better. So, as an ode to the movement and culture, we’ve handpicked the best football and fashion collaborations from recent time. Enjoy.


Jordan is notorious for its position in basketball, with the legendary Michael Jordan the king behind the brand itself. The trainers it releases do have a secondary dimension, however. 

As well as being a basketball brand, Jordan is also a big-time player in the streetwear world. So, when Jumpman ventured into football to partner with French champions Paris Saint-Germain, you knew something special was happening. 

We’ve seen PSG wear Jordan-branded kits in the Champions League for some time now, and these kits have since spun-off into an armoury of merchandise, from t-shirts, basketball jerseys, tracksuits and more. 


Skateboarding holds huge influence, having constantly shaped other major cultures such as fashion and music since the 90s. As football culture became more prominent, it was only a matter of time before the two collided to change the game. 

And that’s exactly what Palace and Juventus did, via an eclectic mix of tracksuits, caps, t-shirts, fleeces and more, with Juventus’ home shirt being the star of the show. That shirt is now selling for around £400 on StockX, so if you’ve got some spare cash lying about, take a look.


This link-up is pure football, through and through. Umbro is an OG of the game, as you know, but you may not have heard of the South Korean creative brand Nivelcrack (even though you probably should have). 

Nivelcrack has been grinding in the culture for a long time, producing some wonderful fashion pieces as well as working with other brands as a creative studio. The pair collaborated on a collection in 2019, releasing some stunning jackets, shirts and hoodies that combined to provide a superb fashion statement from the world of football.


Gosha Rubchinskiy is a Russian designer whose fashion label is self-titled and focuses on Soviet streetwear. The designs are heavily influenced by Russian youth culture, something which has propelled the brand to big-time fame. 

Adidas took note and decided to team up, producing multiple collections with the Russian designer. The partnership is strong between Gosha and the Stripes, with them releasing various versions of the Adidas ACE silo and COPA silo, as well as various shirts, jumpers and tracksuits across multiple drops. 

The most prominent release when discussing football and fashion is their World Cup drop…which makes complete sense, considering the host nation was Russia.


Nowhere FC has been playing pick-up football in the streets of Manhattan for a decade now while also creating custom kits, combining art and fashion with the beautiful game to create an intersection of luxury fashion and football culture. 

Roma hit up the New Yorkers on their tour of the USA and Nowhere FC made 50 custom Roma jerseys for the tour itself, each being a 1/1 unique luxury item. 

The design immediately caught the eye, with each shirt being tie-dyed in Roma colours and then printed with Nowhere branding, a style which has cemented Nowhere FC as one of the big boys in football culture. We loved it and the Roma fans did too.


FC Real Bristol is a fashion brand inspired by football, stylising itself as an actual football team. The brand is a subdivision of the Japanese brand SOPHNET and was immortalised via the ongoing support of Nike. 

In more recent times, they teamed up with BAPE, one of the top players in streetwear. The collaboration includes a long list of releases, from tracksuits and t-shirts, to football jerseys and shorts – and even a rubber duck!


A team-up from two sides of the world. Chinese designer Shangghuan Zhe, the Creative Director of Sankuanz, met up with Marc-André ter Stegen to create a bespoke fashion item inspired by the German’s footballing journey. 

The collaboration looked at ter Stegen’s love for hoodies and simplicity in style, combining it with the culture of Barcelona. Embroidery of his league wins with Barcelona, along with the co-ordinates of the Camp Nou, were added as well to offer a nice touch. 

Fashion is forever, and so is football. They’re two spheres universally loved and two cultures that influence your daily life more than you may notice. We anticipate more and more collabs will crop up as time goes on, with the frequency at which they happen rising as well. We say the more the merrier.