Pochettino Out, Mourinho In: How’re Spurs Fans Feeling?
The shocking news broke on Tuesday night that Mauricio Pochettino had been relieved of his duties at Tottenham Hotspur. Before Wednesday’s sunrise, he had been replaced by none other that José Mourinho. COPA90 went to Spurs’ stadium to get fans’ reaction.

Pochettino had spent the last five-and-a-half seasons building his legacy in North London. Although ultimately failing to win a trophy, the Argentine carved out a reputation for himself as a tactically astute manager who bought into youth.

It’s no stretch to say that Pochettino changed the face of Spurs as a football club. Once seen as perennial underachievers, languishing outside the top four, Pochettino transformed the Lilywhites into a Champions League outfit capable of beating any team in Europe on their day.

This season, though, wins have proved hard to come by. There’s been reported unrest in the dressing room and it seems as though the players have lost the motivation which had seen them challenging for the title in recent years. Unimpressed with what he’d seen, chairman Daniel Levy made the ruthless decision to cut ties with Pochettino and appoint serial winner, José Mourinho.

The self-proclaimed ‘special one’ has seen his reputation somewhat dented in recent years after a series of high-profile fall-outs, culminating in his departure from Manchester United this time last year. It’s all a lot to take in. So, COPA90 headed to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to get the fans’ perspective on a crazy few days.

Fans' Thoughts on Pochettino’s Sacking   

“My initial reaction was just laughter out of shock.”
“He’s given you moments that as a football fan you just want. I don’t believe we’ve had another manager, in my lifetime, that’s delivered anything near that.”
“If we were sixth/seventh, even eight or ninth, we’d of been like ‘OK’, but when you start to say 14th and 15th and there’s whispers of a relegation battle we’re not gonna take that.”
“The way it’s all ended is a little bit ugly and I think it’ll leave a sour taste in people’s mouths. The very least he deserved was to leave properly.”

Fans' Thoughts on Mourinho’s Appointment

“You feel like you’ve been whacked in the head with the news about Poch and then kneed in the groin with the news about Mourinho!”
“It’s a bold move from Daniel Levy. His neck’s on the line as well. He’s made a lot of decisions that have left Spurs fans angry at him over the last few years.”
“The least you’re going to get is entertainment, but right now we’re not looking for that. We want to elevate and get back to the position we deserve to be in, which is at least top five, top six.”
“Pochettino never got us over the line winning a trophy, ever. If there’s one thing that Mourinho does it’s get teams over the line.”

It’s clear that feelings among supporters are pretty mixed at this stage; a combination of shock, anger and sadness but also hope, excitement and expectation. If Mourinho guarantees anything, it’s all of the above. Blockbuster.