Fan’s View | Man City Has The Best Away Support In England
Manchester City fans are widely, and often unfairly, ridiculed for their home support, but Freddie Pye believes you should look at the club’s away following before passing judgement.

Here’s an opinion that, if you support a rival club of ours, you’ll undoubtedly disagree with: Manchester City has the best away following in the country. We always have, and always will. It’s not even a debate, and here’s why...

So, by now, you’ve probably already built up a pretty negative opinion of Manchester City’s fanbase; the idea that we all appeared around 2008, that we don’t turn up to home games, and our atmosphere, on the whole, is pretty quiet. 

Well, I can just about agree that at some of our ‘lesser’ home games – the Etihad Stadium doesn’t exactly have a hostile atmosphere to say the least – and once again, at some of our games against ‘much lesser opposition’, our attendances don’t reach maximum capacity. 

That being said, these statements certainly aren’t a fair reflection on what is an incredible away following – a following that has been ever-present throughout the decades, and a following that can’t be matched both in attendance figures and vocal support.

I genuinely can’t think of another club that could possibly take pride in potentially being relegated…that’s not even a joke, City fans really do belt out chants about us going down.

City fans across the decades have been on some outrageous away trips – from a classic trip to Bootham Crescent, to the now regular pilgrimage to Donetsk. There is an unrivalled amount of pride that now comes with following Manchester City away, a pride in where we’ve come from, what we are now, and what the club will never lose as a fanbase. 

I genuinely can’t think of another club that could possibly take pride in potentially being relegated…that’s not even a joke, City fans really do belt out chants about us going down.

You may think that, considering the amount of games Manchester City fans now have the option of attending, some of the more lengthy away trips at unreasonable kick-off times fall down the pecking order. That’s certainly not the case for City fans. 

You’ll see sold-out away sections up and down the country – the Cardiffs, Newcastles, Brightons and even Bournemouths in midweek – and a hardcore fanbase that does the dead rubber fixtures against the likes of Shakhtar Donetsk and Steaua Bucharest.

Nothing epitomises what this club has as an away following more than what I touched on earlier: a bouncing concourse with a lad stood in a wheelie bin held in the air, all coming together and chanting about how the club is going to get relegated with a billion pounds in the bank. 

That is what we saw at Leicester on Saturday. In the aftermath of what could’ve been a quite destructuring statement from UEFA, City fans took immense pride in being the supervillains of world football. But this isn’t anything new for the club. This has been a sight witnessed many times a season, over the past few decades.

Go back to the 7th May 2000, when City travelled to Ewood Park, and you get a true understanding of the support the club have always had. Upon full-time, thousands invaded the pitch, taking over the Lancashire side’s ground on a momentous day for the club. 

I quote the words of the Sky Sports co-commentator that day, to provide a real insight into the truthful nature of this article. These words completely back-up the continued support for our incredible club, a support that is unrivalled by any club that has experienced ups and downs like we have: 

What a support this club’s got, what a support! You know when they were down there, they still had 28,000, imagine next year! They will take thousands to every away match!"

Truer words were never spoken...