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Premier League Previews: Manchester United

What are you most excited about heading into the new season?

It’s always exciting going into a new season. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Ole implement a better style of football than we’ve seen over recent years, and it looks like our large youth presence will play a part in that.

Most of our goals in pre-season were scored or assisted by academy players. They definitely brought a quicker pace and more fluid movement up front. Hopefully that continues into the new season.

What worries you ahead of the new season?

I’m worried about our squad depth. We all know how demanding the Premier League schedule is… not to mention our Europa League fixtures! I fear that a couple of big injuries could derail us, especially if they come about early in the season. It could also see some of our younger players burn out, or even get injured themselves – fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

What have you made of your club’s transfer activity?

I don’t even know where to begin answering this question. Being one of the biggest clubs in the world, we naturally attract much more transfer speculation than smaller clubs, which leads to somewhat of a circus. That said, I don’t think United have covered themselves in glory with how they have handled certain deals. 

On a more positive note, I’m happy with the signings so far. Wan Bisakka, Dan James, and Harry Maguire should all make a big difference for us this season.

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What unpopular opinion do you have about your team going into the season?

I don’t think Paul Pogba should be here. The club should have sold and replaced him this window. Then again, we’ve barely replaced players that left 10 years ago!

To be clear: I don’t doubt his ability. His talent (when he uses it) is undeniable, so I’m sure he’ll score and assist plenty of goals this year. My point is more about keeping players that openly don’t want to be here. His comments about wanting a ‘new challenge’ and Real Madrid being a ‘dream club’ have left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Who would win if your squad had a WWE Royal Rumble style fight?

If only we still had Roy Keane! Of the current squad, I’d have to say Rojo.

He seems to send players flying every time he goes in for a tackle, so I could easily see him sending a few flying over the top rope instead.

Where do you think your team will realistically finish in the Premier League?

It pains me to say but, realistically, I just hope we finish top 4. As a United fan, the answer should always be top – we should always be in the title race.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re quite there yet. Maybe they’ll surprise us, or maybe the past few years have just left me a little more pessimistic than optimistic…