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Premier League Previews: Everton

What are you most excited about heading into the new season?

I’m looking forward to *hopefully* seeing Everton continue our form from the backend of last season. We put on a few dominant home displays against top opposition that brought that electric feeling back to Goodison, something which hadn’t been there consistently since Martinez’s first season. Gomes, Digne, and Richarlison really came into their own, so I can’t wait to see the damage they’ll do this season.

The prospect of Moise Kean in the royal blue (and terrible salmon for away days) is an exciting one too.

What worries you ahead of the new season?

While our form at the beginning and end of last season was pretty good, the period in between was pretty shocking. With Gueye and Zouma gone, I’m worried we could easily slip back into those sluggish performances, embarrassing defeats, and our infamous defending of set pieces.

We had started to get a hold on zonal marking, but Zouma played a big part in that. I’ll never get over being surrounded by shielded police and their dogs after seeing us concede THREE set pieces in one game to Millwall. That alone is enough to worry anyone.

What have you made of your club’s transfer activity this summer?

So far, so good. Losing Gueye is sad; he’d have a 10/10 performance then pour a cup of tea on Instagram for every goal scorer to show his appreciation. I’ll miss him. The signings of Gomes, Gbamin, and Delph are positive steps towards strengthening the midfield, though.

I’m excited about Moise Kean. Hopefully, he’ll be the long-awaited Lukaku replacement we’ve craved. Calvert-Lewin has shown promise, but goal scoring isn’t really yet his strong suit, something that’s obviously important for an out-and-out striker.

Get in a solid centre back on top of all that and life will be pretty great.

What unpopular opinion do you have about your team going into the season?

My most unpopular opinion is that Sigurdsson isn’t all he’s made out to be. He can have blinding games and score incredible goals, but for the money we spent on him, and given his position, he should be taking control of games from the middle a lot more than he does.

And can someone PLEASE take him off penalties.

Who would win if your squad had a WWE Royal Rumble style fight?

Richarlison is vastly experienced in chucking himself to the floor, so I think he’d fit in well in the WWE. He’s definitely got a feisty side to him too, so I wouldn’t count him out. Personally, though, I’d be more scared about getting on the wrong side of Tosun – he’d probably edge it for me.

Tom Davies’ outfit and branding would be impeccable, though, so we should just give him the belt now.

Where do you think your team will realistically finish in the Premier League?

Maybe I’m a bit pessimistic given my incredible streak of attending 15 Everton games in a row without a win, but I don’t share the optimism of breaking into the top six with my fellow Evertonians.

I can see us finishing 7th and qualifying for Europe if things fall into place, otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised if we finished around 9th.

Fingers crossed I see us win soon. Maybe that’ll change my mind.