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Football Inside Out | Episode Two

Can France win the World Cup two years in a row?

Could it be two victory years in a row for this tournament’s hosts France? Ahead of today's first game between France and Korea Republic, Heath and Monki discuss why it could be, and share what they're looking forward to over the Women's World Cup 2019, and also what - and who - they'll miss seeing.

Eli Mengem has the Inside Score on why you should care about all the teams in the tournament this year: in this episode find out what France's Gilet Jaunes protestors have to do with football, and what connection K-Pop and the #MeToo movement have to Korea Republic's women's national team.

And Danish national player Nadia Nadim, who's one of the players we'll miss seeing this year, reminds us why we are not worthy of people like her on this planet by telling us just a few of the incredible accomplishments in her extraordinary life.