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Diogo Pé | FIFA20: Wrong Breaks New Ground

Diogo Alves Pé FIFA
Diogo Pé is a Gold Standard FIFA player…who plays with his feet. EA invited him to London to watch a Chelsea match, see the sights, and play a game against Willian, Emerson and Jorginho.

Football is a game filled with inspirational characters. People who have risen from poverty, people who have broken down societal barriers, and people who have united communities and ended conflicts.

As we move further into the digital era, the way we play and view football is changing. Stars are no longer confined to the pitch but can be found throughout eSports. This is opening up a whole new world where anyone and everyone is afforded the opportunity to break new ground.

Diogo Alves – better known as Diogo Pé – is a Brazilian born, Gold Standard FIFA20 player. It’s an impressive feat in its own right, but there’s something different about Diogo…he was born without arms.

“To tell my story, that’s my mission. If people can learn from the story I’ve told, that’s my mission achieved.”

Diogo Alves Pé

From a young age, Diogo was determined not to be defined by his disability. Where others saw impossible tasks, he saw challenges to inspire. He worked tirelessly training his feet to become as dexterously gifted as others were with their hands.

He developed a life motto: ‘Quem não tem mão, faz com pé’ – which loosely translates as ‘those who have no hands, make with their feet’. Something which has now become a way of life for him.   

EA’s FIFA series is, by its very nature, a video game you play your hands. But like everything else in Diogo’s life, this is just another obstacle he has overcome and conquered. So much so that he is now able to compete with the very best players the game has to offer.

EA recognised this and flew Diogo overseas to London to meet some of his Brazilian idols. Willian, Emerson and Jorginho joined him for a game of FIFA20 before he was offered tickets to a Chelsea match and a tour of Stamford Bridge.

In addition to how accomplished Diogo has become, it is his sheer joy and approach to life that inspires most. He now stands as an idol to people the world over, having proven that it is not the struggle that defines you, but the way you rise to the challenge.

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