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Tifosy: Building your club's future through fanfunding

In modern football, the game isn’t only on the pitch. Clubs need to build themselves into successful businesses, and meet the needs of fans too. And to achieve those things, clubs need funding to develop their infrastructure – for example their stadium, academy or training facilities.

The trouble is, most clubs find it very difficult to get hold of the funding required for this much-needed development. And yet these clubs have thousands and sometimes millions of passionate and loyal fans, who would love to be able to do their bit to help their club progress.

At Tifosy, we believe that football will only survive as the world's greatest game while the fans matter most. Fans should be at the heart of the club's growth plan. They must have a voice when it comes to the management of their football club, to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of the club, the fans and the community.

Tifosy is the link between the club and the fans, bringing them together to help raise much needed investment. We enable everyone to invest in and support the clubs they love, in a fair and transparent way, through Fanfunding. And through our campaigns we help to strengthen the connection between a club and its fans, through the sharing of a joint goal and through working together to make progress happen.