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COPA90 Contributor Terms

COPA90 Limited is an English company with registered company number 09125906 and whose registered address is 6th Floor One London Wall London EC2Y 5EB. COPA90 creates football related content for publication on its website and social media channels. We also create content with or for football clubs, federations and brands (our “Partners”). For more information, including our Privacy Policy, please visit

Who we are and what we do:COPA90 Limited is an English company with registered company number 09125906 and whose registered address is 6th Floor One London Wall London EC2Y 5EB.COPA90 creates football related content for publication on its website and social media channels.  We also create content with or for football clubs and brands (our “Partners”).For more information, including our Privacy Policy, please visit

What these Terms relate to:Often we ask fans and creators to submit content, or otherwise provide us with information, opinions, feedback or other assistance or contributions (“Contributions” as further defined below). This may be as part of an individual submission of content or you may have been invited to join or take part in an online or offline group hosted or managed by COPA90.  These Contributions and groups are used by us and our Partners in our and their publishing, marketing or research projects (“Projects”).If you make a Contribution to us, these Terms will apply.  The Terms set out who owns the Contribution, who can do what with it, the promises (or “Warranties”) you make in relation to the Contributions and other relevant provisions.By taking part in a Project and making or submitting your Contributions to us, you are agreeing to these Terms.  If you do not agree with the Terms, please do not make or submit any Contributions.

What is a “Contribution”?The word “Contribution” in these Terms includes any video, pictures, text, materials or other content that you submit to us.It also includes any other contribution to or participation in a Project including the generation of ideas, opinions, responses etc, along with any related extracts, quotes or other elements resulting from your participation in a Project, as submitted, created, recorded or otherwise made or provided by you or received or derived by us in relation to a Project.

Our Rights in your Contribution:Because we set up the Projects specifically, and invite you to take part and make or submit specific Contributions, COPA90 will own the Contributions you make.By making or submitting Contributions you transfer all rights in the Contributions to COPA90 by way of present and future assignment including all intellectual property rights throughout the world in perpetuity.  In doing so you waive any “moral rights” you may have such as any entitlement to be credited or given other attribution on any copyright work.As owners of the Contribution, COPA90 may use the Contribution for any purpose, in any media.  This includes the right to copy, reproduce, modify, edit, adapt, reformat, translate, create derivative works from, incorporate into other works, transmit, distribute, perform, play, broadcast, commercialise and otherwise make available to the public such Contribution in whole or in part.However, we will not use your Contribution in TV advertising or Outdoor advertising, or  with any brand other than the specific Partner we may have identified to you, without notifying you further.

Will you be paid for the Contribution:Sometimes we pay for Contributions if we accept and intend to use the Contribution, or otherwise we may provide other gifts, incentives or rewards.  We will let you know in advance if any of these apply.

What you can do with your Contribution:We are happy for you to use your original Contribution for personal, non commercial purposes.  As such we give you a limited, revocable, royalty-free, non-transferable, non-sub licensable, worldwide licence to use the Contribution for you own private use and to post or link to the Contribution under your personal social media accounts or pages.We reserve the right to require you not to use or post the Contribution in any way or location for a period of time.  If we need to impose such a time limited embargo we will notify you.We reserve the right to otherwise change or limit the use rights we grant you at any time.In any event you will not license, sell or transfer the Contribution to any third party, nor otherwise permit any third party to use the Contribution for any other commercial or non-commercial purposes

Confidentiality:When taking part in a Project we may need to disclose to you certain information or content that is not yet in the public domain.  All such information is commercially sensitive and highly confidential, and you must not use it for any purposes other than your participation in the Project, must not disclose it to any other person or entity without our permission, and must keep it secure and otherwise confidential unless such information or content is released into the public domain by us or our Partner.Any breach of this confidentiality condition may cause us or our Partner significant commercial damage.

Warranties from you about your Contribution: In making or submitting your Contribution you promise / warrant the following:

  • If you are under 16, you have permission of your parent or guardian to make the Contribution.
  • Other than anything you have formally disclosed to us, you are not affiliated or publically associated in terms of any form or commercial, advocate or influencer relationship with any other clubs or brands, and you have not appeared or been represented in any other club or brand marketing or promotions. This also applies to any affiliations or associations that may be being developed or soon to be activated.
  • The Contribution is your own original work and you own the entire right, title and interest in the Contribution and/or you have all necessary licences, rights, consents and permissions to use and to authorise us to use any and all intellectual property rights in such Contribution.
  • The Contribution does not infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual or proprietary or privacy right of any party or individual.
  • Nothing in the Contribution is or may be perceived to be defamatory, obscene, indecent, pornographic, sexually explicit, harassing, threatening, offensive, discriminatory, incites racial, cultural or religious hatred, is in contempt of court, violates any law or regulation or encourages conduct that would amount to a criminal offence or give rise to a civil liability and/or is otherwise an infringement of any UK or other applicable law or regulation.
  • Any facts in the Contribution are accurate, and opinions are validly held.
  • The Contribution does NOT violate the privacy rights or rights of publicity of any person or impersonate or otherwise misrepresent affiliation, association, or connection with, any person or entity.
  • The Contribution does NOT contain any confidential information, nor is in breach of confidence, or in breach of contract or in contempt of court.
  • The Contribution does NOT include personal information or data about a person under the age of thirteen (13) years.
  • You have sufficient authority, with respect to all individuals depicted or identified in the Contribution, to submit the content and authorise the uses, and grant the rights, set forth herein


Liability:You will indemnify COPA90 and our relevant Partner for any losses, liabilities, expenses or damages we incur due to a breach by you of these Terms

Disclaimers from us:We are under no obligation to use any Contribution submitted by you and we retain absolute discretion in relation to the use or non use of all Contributions.You acknowledge and agree that you will not be entitled to any other compensation for your Contribution beyond that initially offered to you as set out above, including any cost which you have incurred in making, creating or submitting it, regardless of whether it is selected for use, and regardless of where it may be used, or whether we or our Partner may receive value from its use.You take part in any Project and make or submit any Contribution at your own risk. To the greatest extent permitted by law, we are not responsible for any losses or injury suffered by you in relation to any Project or in the making or submitting of any Contribution.

Personal Data and Privacy: COPA90 respects the privacy of every person who interacts with COPA90 and we are committed to ensuring high standards of data protection compliance in everything we do.Please see our Privacy Policy for how we deal with any personal data we process in relation to your participation in any Project or making or submitting a Contribution

Law and Jurisdiction: These Terms are subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.