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The Road to the Champions League Final

Photography by Ethan White

Martino talks us through their incredible trip to the Champions League Final

World Cup 19 host city tour and the Champions League Final: The Road Trip of a Lifetime!

Going to football, should be about more than just the football. At COPA90, this is a principle that guides much of the content we create. It’s not just about being at the big event. Trips like these are about immersing yourself totally in football culture, in all of its beautiful forms.

Men’s Game, Women’s game, World Cup venues or abandoned grounds, Andorra’s National stadium, or a CL Final in Madrid. These are all part of the culture, and the more you give yourself to it, the more it rewards you back.

As the all English final drew closer, we began seeing our Reds and Spurs friends frantically trying to pull together the money for a flight to Madrid to be part of the action. Us neutrals began to ask ourselves, are they missing the point here?

A flight to Madrid and back was £1500 pounds. For that, three of us could rent a car and drive there, passing through 4 World Cup 19 host cities, visiting the second highest football pitch in Europe, and arriving in Madrid on time to see perhaps the most well attended final in European Club football history.

There are endless stories and myths about great away days through Europe. From the days of mods and casuals, to the continental Ultras scene, these experiences create the glue that bonds many of the most passionate fan bases.

Photo by Ethan White

Photo by Ethan White

Photo By Ethan White