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Liam Gallagher x COPA90 | Top 5 Interview Moments

Liam Gallagher has never been one to sugarcoat his views. So when COPA90 sat down with the former Oasis man, we expected sparks to fly.

Over the course of 18 golden minutes, LG talked us through some of his craziest stories and boldest opinions. You can watch the full interview here, but in the meantime, we’ve cherry-picked our top five moments.

From drinking with Kompany and partying with Maradona, to attacking Gazza with a fire extinguisher in the middle of a restaurant, this is Liam Gallagher: 100% unfiltered. Enjoy.

Oasis Success vs. Man City Success

“You can never have Oasis and City doing well at the same time… that’s just fucking greedy.”

Back when Oasis were considered the pinnacle of rock music in the ‘90s, the same couldn’t be said of City’s footballing prowess. Fast forward 20-odd years and, while City set the Premier League alight, Oasis are no more.

As Liam theorises, a city’s band and their football team can never simultaneously be at the peak of their powers. Guess you just gotta roll with it. 

Gazza and the Fire Extinguisher

“As I’m going out the door, I turn around to Gazza and say: “here are Gazza, you fucker.” The last words out his mouth were: “Noooooo!””

We promise you won’t hear a funnier story than this. Paul Gascoigne; Liam Gallagher; a fire extinguisher – what could possibly go wrong?

It started off with the pair hurling profanities back and forth across the dinner table before quickly escalating into mayhem.  

Drinking with Kompany

“Vinny Kompany came out and I was going: “come on, let’s fucking have some shots,” and he’s just fucking walloped about eight of them.”

Vincent Kompany has always been one to lead by example, both on and off the pitch. Turns out, he’ll drink anyone under the table too!

Despite being infamous for his rock ‘n’ roll boozy lifestyle, Liam recounts the time City’s ex-captain put him to shame at the bar.

Partying with Maradona 

“We’ve asked our geezer to go up and have a word with him… He sent him back down and said only two of you can come up – the Gallagher brothers – so we’ve obviously fucked everyone else off and scarpered into the lift.”

He may still be England’s public enemy number one, but if someone extends you an invite to a Maradona party, you don’t turn it down.

Amped up off the back of their gig in Argentina, Noel and Liam took up the opportunity to party with one of the most notorious players in the game, obviously.  

Modern Football 

“Prices to get in these days are ridiculous… They should bring standing back. The people that make it good are the people like us, you know what I mean?”

It’s safe to say Liam Gallagher doesn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with the prawn sandwich brigade. For Liam – and we imagine many others – the gentrification of football spectatorship is killing atmosphere.

Handing out food menus at halftime? Do us a favour.

And that’s a wrap! Obviously you’re now going to go and watch the full interview, so to save you the effort of finding it, we’ve stuck it here:

What an interview. Biblical. 

As you were x