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Introducing: Sunday Football Roast

COPA90 are proud to present Sunday Football Roast: a new Facebook watch series which pits comedians against each other as they argue over their beloved football clubs.

The concept is simple: belittle and humiliate your opponent in the most hilarious, football-related way possible. Comedians who support various teams will engage in a battle of wits as they jokingly try to disarm and torment each other in front of a live audience.

Sunday Football Roast will be available to watch over on Facebook. Each episode will be 6-8 minutes in length and drop weekly on a – that’s right, you didn’t guess it – Wednesday.

Social media personality, Kevin Freshwater, will be your host and adjudicator for each roast as comedians go one-on-one in a search for comedic supremacy. Freshwater has amassed over two billion views on his hilarious content over the past few years, making him the perfect face for the show.

Freshwater will host each comedy battle on Sunday Football Roast

At the end of each episode, Freshwater, with the help of his audience, will make a call on who to send through to the next round, with an eventual winner being crowned the King or Queen of football humour.  

You can check out the first episode over on Facebook now. Warning: watching may result in your sides splitting, abs aching and tears of laughter.