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COPA90 Presents: The Edge

COPA90 are proud to present The Edge: a new Facebook watch series which delves into the world of cutting edge sports science and football development.

This is one of four new mini series from COPA90 – alongside Matchday Menus, The Other Half and Sunday Football Roast – which are available to watch over on Facebook. 

Seven-minute episodes will be released weekly on and be presented by Instagram star, Lisa Zimouche (a.k.a Lisa Freestyle). 

The Parisian-born street footballer made a name for herself when she left PSG’s academy aged just 14 to pursue a career as a freestyler, later becoming a world champion in 2015. 

Her career success and undeniable talent makes her the perfect person to help you hone your skills.

Each episode sees Zimouche focus on a specific area of football development and will begin with insights and advice from experts – including sports scientists, coaches and psychologists – before breaking down what’s said into programmes you can take away and follow at home.

The series aims to shine a light on exactly what goes into football training sessions at an elite-level and provides tips and programmes you can use to improve your own skills and fitness. 

Ultimately, COPA90 want to help you get fitter, faster and better at playing the beautiful game, whatever your level. Check out the series over on Facebook below.