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Burundi to Bradford: Lighting up the Women's Football League

Falone Sumaili has represented Burundi on the international level and was an up and coming young footballer there until she had to leave home and seek refuge in England.

Restarting her life in a brand new country she found a new club in Bradford City W.F.C and is currently lighting up Women’s league whilst settling down in her new community.

When I'm on the pitch I feel absolutely free

Falone Sumaili

We produced this video alongside the Football Welcomes team at Amnesty International.Football Welcomes is part of Amnesty International’s I Welcome campaign for a better international response to the global refugee crisis. The campaign encourages local communities to work together to create a more welcoming environment for people fleeing conflict and persecution. Massive thank you to everyone at the Football Welcomes team at Amnesty, Matthew and everyone at Bradford Women’s F.C, and the Bangla Bantams.

Camera: Matt Sanderson & Danny Sayers
Editor: Danny Sayers
Colourist: Matt Sanderson
Graphics: Danny Sayers

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