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"FOOTBALL, WE LOVE YOU": A short film

Art of Football writes — or draws — their love letter to the beautiful game.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this love letter is over a million words long.From Art of Football founder Gabe Cuthbert and Matt Williams of Subject Studio comes Art of Football's first short film: a stop-motion animation, comprised of 1,600 hand drawings, paying homage to the special moments of football — your childhood heroes from Zidane to Pirlo to Thierry Henry, the iconic plays, the moments of magic that you never forget. It's a "lasting reminder of why you fell in love with the game."Oh, and it's voiced by Martin Tyler.Says Art of Football’s Luke Cuthbert of the film: "Football is the language of love - and if you are like us (Art of Football) you are fluent in it. You are devoted to your badge, your colours and your match-day rituals. That unconditional loyalty is rooted deep within you, it’s integral to the game; but it isn’t the reason you fell hopelessly, often obsessively in love with football."The idea was to squeeze as many of our favourite moments and players into an end-to-end, high-drama sequence of play. It’s a magnified look at all football has to offer, the ebbing flow from highs to lows; expecting the unexpected; and the eternal hope that this match is the match you have your 'DEENEEEEEEEEEY' moment."

Check out the full film below: