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The Premier League Returns | Case Of The Mondays

Here’s who’s having the worst #CaseOfTheMondays after the Premier League’s opening weekend?


It was three points — three very winnable three points — dropped for Leicester on Friday against Arsenal.In one of the most exciting Premier League opening matches in recent memory, Arsenal narrowly beat Leicester 4-3 at the last minute. Well, in the last five minutes.A wild seven-goal thriller saw first Arsenal lead, then Leicester tie it, then Leicester lead, then Arsenal tie it, then Leicester lead again with a little over a half hour remaining. That’s a long time to defend when you’ve got a defence like Leicester has, and two goals in the final ten minutes for Arsenal took advantage of Leicester losing steam and put the game away.Leicester looked lethal and promising, so it was an unfortunate result from a side that looked quite dangerous — especially on set pieces and on the counter. But they’ll have to wait until next year for yet another shot at an Emirates win, which they haven’t come away with since 1973.


Burnley loves to spoil a Big Club party early in the season.Trying hard to out-do beating Liverpool 2-0 in the second game of last season, they put in a whalloping performance against Chelsea on Sunday that saw them come away with a 3-2 victory — which makes Chelsea the first reigning champions to concede three in an opening Premier League fixture.It went from bad to worse quite quickly for the Blues; captain Cahill got sent off in just the 14th minute and then Burnley scored the opener just ten minutes later. Then came a second and a third for Burnley, and Chelsea were trailing by three at halftime.They were able to pull one back in the second half with ten men, and then one more with nine after Fabregas’ red in the 81st minute, but it wasn’t enough. They’ll have to play their next match without Cahill and Fabregas too, which won’t be the easiest task against a Tottenham that routinely took care of Newcastle in their own opener this weekend.It could’ve been worse — it was 3-0 at one point, after all — but it’s certainly not how Chelsea fans wanted, or expected, to start the season. Will it be three points they’ll desperately miss in a title race against Manchester City and Manchester United later on? Perhaps. They’ll only have harder matches to take those points from.


New year, same Liverpool. The Reds have become pretty well known for the juxtaposition in their results against top teams and bottom teams, and this outing against Watford was no difference. They conceded the first goal — off a set piece, of course — and had only just equalized when Watford went back up 2-1 just three minutes later. Two goals in the start of the second half had them looking like they were in the clear, but of course another Watford set piece in extra time saw the game end 3-3. Was the final play offside? Was it interference? It doesn’t matter, because the goal stood.It was a game Liverpool could have and should have put away, with several players between the two halves having opportunities to put them up 4 or 5. With their defensive woes being once again exposed — which this isn’t exactly a surprise, as Liverpool didn’t make any defensive upgrades in the transfer window except for Andy Robertson, who didn’t feature in the match — they’re going to need to get way better at finishing off those chances.


Nobody expected Crystal Palace to be particularly amazing this season, but losing 3-0 to a newly promoted team that has literally never been in the league before is something else entirely.Any hope that Frank de Boer’s appointment gave them that this season would be much easier than last is probably gone. It took them only 23 minutes to concede, and they’ve made a solid start in following up on their 63-goals-conceded from last season.Fair play to Huddersfield, though, so sit at the top of the Premier League table for the first and definitely the last time. Enjoy it while it lasts, boys.