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The Genius Posters of La Liga side Leganés

For the past three years, Club Deportivo Leganés have been promoting their matches on social media with these original online posters. Some of them are absolutely brilliant! Here's some of our favourites

Rival: Real Madrid

Title: OMG! E.T., Spock, Doraemon, Piccolo… and we have to be visited by CR7

In reference to: Ronaldo being considered ‘an alien’.

Rival: Barcelona

Title: May it be as God wants… or not

In reference to: Leo Messi’s ability to finish matches.

Rival: Valencia

Title: We hope that this will be one of the advantages of playing early

In reference to: Valencia’s nickname, ‘the bats’. They were facing each other at midday, a timetable that has always caused controversy in Spanish football.

Rival: Atlético de Madrid

Title: You are welcome to our fort

In reference to: Atletico de Madrid’s nickname ‘the indians’.

Rival: Deportivo Alavés

Title: The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line, but a ball

In reference to: Leganés facing a side from the north of the country.

Rival: Osasuna

Title: +18 - Butarque (Leganés’ stadium) gets old

In reference to: Leganés’ ground turning 18 years-old.

Rival: Alcorcón

Title: After all… we will still be neighbours.

In reference to: Leganés playing its derby against Alcorcón. Just a 15 minute drive separates these two towns of Madrid’s metropolitan area.

Rival: Eibar

Title: Old school football

In reference to: Leganés and Eibar being two of the smallest clubs in La Liga. Leganés’ ground has a capacity of just  10,000 and Eibar’s is even smaller: only 6,000 fit in their stadium. They were both promoted to the first division for the first time in their history in 2016 and 2014, respectively. They had previously spent most of their years playing in the modest side of Spanish football, which still looks like old school football.

Rival: Málaga

Title: How could I not love you? Happy Father’s Day

In reference to: The match being played on Father’s Day.

Rival: Tenerife

Title: We got ourselves a trophy cabinet because we did not have one and it was about time

In reference to: Leganés starting their Copa del Rey adventure in September.

Rival: Numancia

Title: Back to the cup. Do not miss the first leg because there won’t be a second one.

In reference to: Leganés playing one of the first rounds of the Copa del Rey, which was straight knockout.

Rival: Deportivo Alavés

Title: We are practicing etiquette because you never know

In reference to: the King of Spain presenting the Copa del Rey title to the winning team after each final. In October, when they still were in the first rounds of the tournament, Leganés went to the wax museum in order to ‘practice etiquette’ with the King’s wax figure.

Rival: Ponferradina

Title: We need you

In reference to: Batman.

Rival: Almería

Title: The height doesn't matter, we will continue to work keeping our feet on the ground

In reference to: Leganés being in the top of the Second Division during last season.

Rival: Tenerife

Title: Full, please

In reference to: Leganés desire to fill up their stadium.

Rival: Lugo

Title: Lego - piece by piece

In reference to: Leganes' short name (Lega) being similar to the plastic bricks company Lego.

Rival: Osasuna

Title: Mad for football

In reference to: The match being played on St Valentine’s Day.

Rival: Sporting de Gijón

Title: The Last Drop League

In reference to: Leganés facing Sporting when they were, respectively, 17th and 18th in the table. Sporting are from Asturias, a region in Spain where cider is really popular. They even have a special way of severing it. Leganés poster read 'The Last Drop League', being the last drop the lower part of the table.

Some clubs have started to answer their posters…

Rival: Granada

Title: Thank you, but we do not eat between meals

In reference to: Leganés facing Granada, whose name sounds similar to grenade. Therefore, they made a pomegranate look like a grenade.

Granada’s answer...

“You’re welcome, but ourselves, we are actually hungry.”

They showed a cucumber cut into pieces, since Leganés' nickname could be translated as “the cucumber growers”.


-We do not know what awaits for us up there, but we were eager to discover it

-Thank you supports, we are in the first division

In reference to: The moment Leganés achieved the first promotion in their history to the Spanish First Division in 2016.

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