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Why You Have To Watch The Most Anticipated Sydney Derby Ever

If being the biggest, most atmospheric fixture in Australian club football isn’t enough of a reason to tune in to this week's Sydney Derby, then the circumstances surrounding both sides making this possibly the most anticipated derby in its history should.


4 months and 19 matches into the season, Sydney FC are still undefeated.The best ever club start to an A-League season has turned into an undefeated streak that has the Sky Blues on the verge of becoming Australia’s very first ‘Invincibles’.Even more impressive however, is the manner in which they’ve done it. This isn’t one of those undefeated campaigns full of dull draws and stingy backlines. No, Sydney FC have taken the season by the scruff of the neck in style, winning three quarters of their matches and sharing three quarters of their 41 goals amongst four different forwards.


In their four seasons of existence, Wanderers fans have been spoilt with success, getting to be part three finals appearances, three Grand Final appearances and a little thing called the Asian Champions League title. Eventually that success was going to run out, and that season is now. They’re seventh on the table, outside finals contention (a necessity for arguably the league's biggest club) and just lost at home to second bottom Central Coast Mariners.All of which has seen the inaugural (and only ever) club manager defending his position everywhere from press conferences to mixed zones and bizarrely live on a Fox Sports panel with Mark Bosnich.On top of all of this, is ‘the streak’ stick Sydney FC have been enjoyably beating their western counterparts with for more than three years now, so you can be sure to spot a couple of banners reading '1136' - the number of days since the Wanderers last won a derby.


As seen on Derby Days, it’s a fixture that off the pitch is starting to rival European matches and it just seems to be getting bigger and better.As the history grows, the Tifos are getting taller, the choreographies more creative, and crowds record keep breaking, with the first derby of the season reaching a league high 60,000 fans.Now, of course logic should mean that one club performing at an all-time high against the other at its nadir should equate to a pretty dull match, but as we all know, if ever there is a fixture to defy the odds, and all common sense, it’s the derby. Especially the Sydney derby.

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