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The ultimate sick kits for your Ultimate Team | Sick Kit Friday

EA Sports unveiled new exclusive, digital fourth kits for four teams in FIFA18 and they’re incredible. 3D printers, anyone?

“SKF” now stands for both Sick Kit Friday and Sick Kit FIFA.Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, and Real Madrid — all Adidas teams, thanks to the brand’s partnership with the game — all got fourth kits, exclusively available in Ultimate Team mode. Tough luck for those who didn’t like Juve’s new crest, because their exclusive fourth kit is basically a giant version of it; Manchester United’s has another unique graphic design; Bayern’s has classic stripes for the classic club; and Real Madrid’s are just a solid, intimidating black.If you’d already selected one of these four teams as your favorite club before the kits’ December 15th release, your club’s will automatically become available to you; otherwise, you can purchase them for other players or get them in packs.

Which is your favorite?