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Premier League Spending Goes Over £1 Billion for First Time Ever

Arsenal's signing of Shkodran Mustafi came as a surprise to football fans for more than one reason. Not only did it mean Arsene Wenger splashed £35 million on a defender (and on the same day as spending £17 million on forward Lucas Perez), but it also saw Premier League spending reach the £1 billion mark in the transfer window.

That's right.. For the first time ever, over £1 billion pounds has been spent in a single transfer window. As astronomical an amount it may seem, the milestone isn't all that shocking when viewed in context of the last 5 summers. Since 2012, total spend in the Premier league summer transfer window has increased every year. In 2012, the total was a measly £490 million, of which Eden Hazard's transfer to Chelsea from Lille was a hefty portion. The following summer saw an increase of £140 million in spend, as Mesut Ozil moved from Real Madrid to Arsenal in 2013 for over £40 million in what was the signing of the window. In 2014, Premier League spending went up another gear, eclipsing the £800 million mark thanks to the high-profile signings of Di Maria, Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez. Last summer, spending crept over the £900 million mark as Man City recruited the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling. Which take us to this summer's transfer window, where Pogba's world record move to Man United along with John Stones £50 million transfer to Man City has set the spending bar at a dizzying height.