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5 unique new kits you should consider for your FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

Pumas U.N.A.M // Home Kit // Liga MX

One of the toughest questions when it comes to ultimate team, which kit should you use? In the new edition of FIFA there will be some incredible kits... 'incredibly good' and 'incredibly outrageous'. Here are 5 of our favourite kits you can choose in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team...

The Pumas kits will definitely be one of the most popular kits in the new Ultimate Team edition. The design is inspired by the famous library mural at U.N.A.M and is simply one of the best kits we've seen in years.

Hearts of Midlothian // Away Kit

Hearts of Midlothian // Away Kit // Scottish Premier League

It's safe to say the bold colour scheme hasn't gone down well with everyone, but that won't stop FIFA Ultimate Team users utilising the Hearts away kit. It's one of them 'It's so bad it's good' situations. Getting beat by someone with this kit will hurt, big time.

FC Porto // Away Kit // Primeira Liga

This kit is just awesome. Who wouldn't want to tear it up on Ultimate Team in a kit with a star constellation on it? No one, that's who.

Gamba Osaka // Home Kit // J-League

The introduction of the J-League into the game also means the introduction of their kits into Ultimate Team, which is great news. Gamba Osaka's new kit features a superimposed image of their new stadium, Suita City Football Stadium, and just looks so unique and awesome.

Sagan Tosu // Away Kit // J-League

Like the Hearts kit, this will be another you won't want to lose against in FIFA 17 ultimate team. It's loud, it's bright and it's err, 'unique'. With the J-League now in the game there are definitely some fantastically outrageous kits to choose from in the new edition.

Which kit will you be using in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team?

Which kit will you be using in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team?

Which kit will you be using in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team?