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2015 FIFA Puskás Award Winner Retires...To Become FIFA Pro

From Puskás winner to button pusher.

Last year you might remember Wendell Lira won the 2015 FIFA Puskás Award for a beautiful spinning overhead kick. The lower league Brazilian player’s effort was voted above goals from Messi & Tevez (perhaps partly due to a big voting push from our pals Desimpedidos!) 

But under a year later 27-year-old Lira has traded in the real life game for the virtual pitch, retiring as a professional footballer so he can turn his attention to becoming a professional FIFA 17 player. One of the stranger career changes you might think: curling in a free kick using a PS4 controller isn’t likely to feel as good as actually acrobatically volleying the ball into the net. 

However for Lira, he says it makes sense to end a career plagued by injuries and setbacks. After all, once you’ve officially scored one of the best goals in the world, where can you really go from there? 

In the meantime look out for Wendell Lira the FIFA 17 player, as he’ll be starting his own Youtube channel and competing in FIFA tournaments. We look forward to getting the email through requesting a Wendell Lira appearance on Fifa & Chill...