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Iceland - The Smallest Country EVER to Make the Euros | Meet Europe’s Best

Turkish Airlines are sending Eli Mengem on the trip of a lifetime, taking in 10 countries in just 10 days and finding out what Euro 2016 means to the continent. In this episode Eli visited the small Nordic country of Iceland, whose legacy before qualifying might have been limited to Bjork and fishing but now their substance on the international football stage is being recognised by all. Whilst the rest of Europe might have had there doubts about Iceland’s chances to even qualify for the tournament, the Icelandic team and their countrymen seem to have had unparalleled faith right from the start, to not only reach the group stages but to go even further beyond.They admit that maybe they don’t have the best players but their confidence in the national team being a quality outfit nonetheless proves to have been well placed and however far they end up going in the tournament, their story is one that won’t be soon forgotten.
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