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Hammarby fans kick off their new season

Sweden's Allsvenskan kicked off again this weekend and the long wait for league football ended in style. Hammarby kicked off their campaign at the Tele2 Arena with a 1-1 draw against Östersund, but off the field was where the real spectacle was.

Hammarby are known as the club that founded Ultras culture in Sweden. Despite their shaky tradition of on the pitch, they have always been amongst the most respected in Europe from the point of view of the stands.

The Bajen fans, are the collective supporters groups that make up Hammarby's stand.  Within this curve, their is an entire range of support, from the old British style, to the Ultras style, to even a Barra style inspired by Argentina.  The fans can range from far right to left politically, but in the at the ground, none of this symbology is permitted.

Their cross town rivals, Djurgardens and AIK have been more successful in recent league play, but Hammarby is defined by a unique tradition. Instead of fair-weather fans, they identify as bad weather fans, attending the stadium in greater numbers when the club struggles most. This has earned them the respect of fans across Europe, breeding fan friendships with the likes of Rapid Vienna in Austria, Panathinaikos in Greece, and Roma in Italy.

Check out these Scenes from their march and Choreography:

Check out our this is Hammarby Video: