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Groundhog Day in Vienna: Two Clubs that are actually one

A few weeks ago Copa90 visited Vienna a third time to produce a sort of „Derby Days“ episode – „The Derby of Love“. A derby unlike any other, and played between First Vienna Football Club and Wiener Sportklub.

Twice a year after the derby week ends the „C-K“-discussion amongst the surrounding of the Wiener Sportklub unfolds. What is it all about? Look at these images.

Wiener Sporklub (in short: WSK) on the left and Wiener Sportclub (in short: WSC) on the right:

So how did this happen? In 2001 financial problems at WSC lead to a separation of WSC’s football sector and as a result WSK was founded. Since then the reintegration of WSK is topic of intense discussion on both sides. Unlike WSK, WSC managed to get rid of their debts and now provides a platform for a broad spectrum of sports. However football is still missing.

Copa90 visited WSK in summer 2015 to provide you with information about a small Viennese club hosting friendlies against the biggest names in European club football to leverage themselves. Now in 2016, WSC and WSK both say that still EUR 300.000,00 (approximately GBP 240.000) are missing on WSK‘s side to start the process of fusing back as one.

In early April WSC-officials released a statement in which a concept was presented consisting of funding from three main sources. The third should be most noted:a group of investorsanother series of high class friendliesthe fans and friends of WSK

WSK-officials were informed that this all has to happen within the next three years.

Recent years have shown that at least one task will be fulfilled – Vienna is looking forward to another summer of matches against clubs like AS Roma, PSG or Valencia as they are getting ready for the next season.

Also fans and friends of WSK did already prove that they are able to gain enough money to do their part. Although not all of them seem happy with the current development. Arguments regarding the naming rights to discussions if WSK should be allowed to use WSC’s logo tore wounds in the hearts of many followers.

So if the investors are keeping their promises and the fans collect enough money a bright future for one club that once was two is in prospect.

Hopefully both sides won’t wake up in 2017 to start the process all over again.