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What To Watch: March's Football Calendar

Spring is just around the corner and the flowers of football are in full bloom.

March is the time of year that, like the weather, football starts heating up: there's a few quarter finals appearing amongst the rabble as we accelerate into the latter stages of European and Domestic cups.

A particularly crucial North London derby kicks things off on the 5th at 12:45pm (GMT), with another 'derby' to look forward to later on as Dortmund take on Bayern on the same day.  

The Champions League whips us into a foaming frenzy on the 8th March as Real Madrid take on Roma at home - 2-0 down, the travelling Romans are playing mostly for pride at this point but an upset isn't unthinkable. In fact, we'll be praying they do as we'll be amongst the Roman tifosi for the next episode of #UCLAwayDays.

And stop the presses - everyone's actually interested in the Europa League again after Dortmund drew Tottenham and United drew Liverpool. Watch them slug it out on the 10th.

After that there's more Champions League as Arsenal head to Barcelona for another potentially unpleasant trip to the Camp Nou (we'll be there too) and the month rounds off with a bumper bunch of international friendlies. Cushty!

March 4th

Roma vs Fiorentina

March 5th

Spurs vs Arsenal

Dortmund vs Bayern

Sporting vs Benfica

March 8th

Real Madrid vs Roma

Wolfsburg vs Gent

March 9th

Chelsea vs PSG

 March 10th

Dortmund vs Spurs

Liverpool vs Man Utd

March 13th

FA Cup QF - Man Utd vs West Ham

March 15th 

Atletico vs PSV

Man City vs Dynamo Kyiv

March 16th

Barcelona vs Arsenal

Bayern vs Juventus

March 17th

United vs Liverpool

Spurs vs Dortmund

March 20th

Newcastle vs Sunderland

Man City vs Man Utd

March 24th 

Italy vs Spain

March 26th

Germany vs England

March 29th

Belgium vs Portugal

What did we miss? There’s bound to be a whole bunch of games in your neck of the woods, so do let us know in the comments and on our Twitter and Facebook.