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Wenger Out? We Interviewed The Man Behind The Banner...

Same old Arsenal, always choking.

What IS new is that more people than ever are losing patience with Arsenal's beleaguered boss, with ex-Arsenal man Ian Wright claiming that "more people want  out than in."

A beacon of this discontent has been the "Wenger Out" banner, now a common sight at the Emirates and away games alike since 2011. It has proved incredibly divisive, with it's creator 'DT' receiving a hell of a lot of flak from within the Gooners camp. Even in the short time we were there, we saw a small fracas break out between Arsenal fans with contrasting opinions. Kai and Jason had a quick chat with the man behind the banner below.

Dedicated Arsenal fans themselves, Kai and Jason hold opinions on the Frenchman. "Everyone's entitled to an opinion, but he's done so much for the club. I could never be 'Wenger Out' though, I'm not 'Wenger In' either. What about 'Wenger Middle?'", said Jason when I asked him earlier.

Kai was less eager to straddle the fence (but was equally irritating). "Despite vehemently disagreeing with the message, I absolutely think he should have the platform to express that feeling. I'm a bottler in every part of my life, and Arsenal bottle it too: it's a lovely relationship."

What do you think? Let us know in the comments and make sure you check out the latest episode of Away Days as we follow Arsenal into Barcelona....