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Leicester City: This Season Compared to Last Season

After Leicester City's 1-0 win over Watford on the weekend, the Foxes now find themselves five points clear at the top of the Premier League table with just nine games of the season remaining. It is an incredibly different story to how they were doing 29 games into last season, as they were wallowing in last place with 19 points. Their turnaround is all the more stunning considering the fact that they are now 20 points ahead of last year's Premier League champions Chelsea!

Here is how Leicester City's current season compares to last season at the same stage. Incidentally, Leicester are currently only 7 points behind Chelsea's points total at the 29-game mark of last season.

2015-16 after 29 games

Wins: 17Draws: 9Losses: 3Goals: 52Conceded: 32Points: 60

2014-15 after 29 games

Wins: 4Draws: 7Losses: 18Goals: 27Conceded: 48Points: 19

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