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Flying Shoes: Austria Vienna Fans Protest Ticket Prices

Words by: David Rewi

The issue of supporter dissatisfaction with ticket prices at football games is not only in the a big thing in the Premier League. In Austria, where the game is not as high class as it is in England and the stadiums are more likely to be called merely football grounds rather than real football temples, the ticket price debate has been ignored by officials of the Austrian Bundesliga' for years.

Supporters across the country have protested from time to time by showing banners and leaving games earlier or not attending away fixtures. But nothing has changed.

Last Wednesday's fixture Admira Wacker vs Austria Wien the price for the away block again was €21,00. To provide you with some images of this away block: no seats, no roof, no real toilets and probably a shitty game. Austria Wien supporters once again had a banner saying: „€21,00 for this shitty block, this kicks us out of our shoes“ (loosely translated).

This time however, it was not enough to just show a banner which would most likely be ignored as usual. The supporters interrupted the game for a few minutes by throwing old shoes on the pitch. This form of protest was a big thing in local media and was reported over almost all football-related platforms in the country. Hopefully this may lead to another discussion on this issue because we all know: football without fans is nothing.

Last month Dortmund fans protested by throwing tennis balls on the pitch...