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Wolfsburg FIFA Pro David Bytheway takes on Sausages & Caviar

Have you ever wondered what it would take to be a FIFA pro?

Wolfsburg e-Sports most recent signing David Bytheway - a 22 year old from Middlesborough - has been playing the game professionally since the age of 17. The acquisition of the talented youngster is part of a wider strategy from the club to merge the worlds of digital and real football - one that is in part motivated by the rapidly growing eSports market.

When we arrived in Wolfsburg we had the opportunity to sit and play with David. He told us his remarkable story and shared wisdom for young people hoping to emulate his success, all whilst battling a SausCav tag team.

The most surprising thing about the morning we spent with David, however, was the result.

Watch highlights of the game here:

Follow David on Twitter here and watch the full episode of Away Days below: