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Swamp Football: The ugliest way to play the beautiful game?

For anyone who grew up playing Sunday league in a country as rainy as England, these scenes might be pretty familiar.

It might seem like a niche sport, but there are currently a whopping ~260 swamp football teams around the world. In the last few years alone, Swamp Soccer has flung it's muck as far afield as China, Turkey and India.

The game is played in two halves of 12 minutes each way, with no off-side and 6 players on each team. Players are substituted as frequently as they want - the game is physically punishing, and was invented in Finland as a gruelling training exercise for athletes and soldiers.

The Swamp Soccer World Cup will return in 2016, and we've got every intention of being there - who doesn't want to see Sausages and Caviar rolling about topless in muck?

Would you give swamp soccer a go? Let us know in the comments!